Are you a new mother or contemplating motherhood? Are you pregnant and feeling nervous or blue?  Or, perhaps you recently had a baby and are feeling overwhelmed? At a time that we are expected to be joyous, many women are enduring countless stressors:  hormonal fluctuations, professional and personal role changes, feelings of loss of a previous life, tension in relationships with family members, sleep deprivation and isolation.

As a psychologist with 12 years of experience, I am uniquely positioned to help women as they contemplate issues relating to motherhood.  I am passionate about working with women considering motherhood and new mothers to help them address the changes they are undergoing during this life transition.  I create a comfortable space where your concerns can be explored free of judgement.   I value the use of humor and empathy to connect with and help individuals during trying emotional times. My goal is to make new parents feel empowered and supported as I help them navigate this important life transition.  

My experience helping children, adolescents, and adults cope with depression, anxiety, trauma, abuse, and loss makes me uniquely suited to work with women undergoing a major life transition such as motherhood. If you are looking for support, please call me for a free phone consultation.

In addition to individual psychotherapy, I run two support group for new parents at the 92nd Street Y.  It's a great opportunity to meet other parents and their babies and establish a community of new friends. 

This summer, we are offering a group for new mothers, entitled, New Mother, New Baby which starts on Tuesday, May 30. To enroll in the class visit the following link:

We will also offer a group for parents welcoming their 2nd (or 3rd, or 4th!) child, entitled, Now That You Have Two.  Babies are welcome, but unfortunately we are unable to offer childcare for the older siblings at this time.  Enroll now:


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